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Chi Alpha has been active in the state of Indiana for several decades, experiencing seasons of ebb and flow. Currently we are on thirteen campuses and striving to be on the top twenty-five by 2017. Our vision is to see Chi Alpha communities on every campus in our state, where we have 125 campuses and over 400,000 students.

Indiana Chi Alpha is built on the combined efforts of every Chi Alpha missionary and leader in the state. We value relationally driven, Spirit-filled ministry. We come together regularly for fellowship, support, prayer, and strategizing. All Indiana CMiTs are included in these fellowship and training sessions.


The Indiana CMIT Program is a statewide, twelve-month internship designed to develop individuals for vocational campus ministry. This internship is a combination of guided educational activities, practical ministry experiences, and mentoring by experienced campus missionaries. The internship experience is a cooperative effort of the campus missionaries in Indiana under the direction of Indiana's State Director, Jeff Alexander.

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